Scala Hats at Levine Hat Co.

The Scala Hats Classico line of hats brings fresh new ideas each and every season, while supporting the styles you know and love from the past.  Check back often, because you never know what Scala hats will come out with next.

Scala's Best Customer

Scala hats are not sold to individuals, only to hat stores such as Levine's. As Scala's Best US Customer in the Midwest, we get all the new styles first and we have shipping priority. This means we keep the most Scala hats in stock, and we pass on the best value to our customers as well.

Scala Offerings by Season

Summer Scala hats include mostly braid straw, panama straw and some Toyo & Seagrass straw hats and caps. In the winter, most winter scala hats are made of wool. Other materials, such as all-season rain hats make an appearance in the scala collezione of hats as well. Whichever Scala Hats or Scala Collezione style you decide on, your sure to find it in-stock and at the best price at Levine's!